It seems there is a confrontation between pro-Bush's self-image propaganda and our viewpoints or perspectives. While they create the US self-image propaganda to "liberate Iraqi people from oppressive regime", what we can see is the numbers of Iraqi women and children being killed by the oppressive US military's air raids, as well as the military's arrogant behavior.


Bush's rhetoric to justify the war in Iraq is very comparable with the logic of neo-colonialism. Before the war, he said, "the regime is hiding something from the 'civilized' world." The subtext of his rhetoric manifests "Iraq is uncivilized, barbaric, and savage. Therefore, they need to be 'civilized' by the superior US-Western (white) civilizations."
The words like "liberate" or "democratize" have been used frequently as replacements for saying, "civilize Iraq." It is surprising to see how their rhetoric is similar to the white men's colonialism and imperialism (later Japanese) in the past.

When Japan invaded South-east Asia in World War II, they introduced a slogan "Asia for Asians." They assumed their responsibility to "liberate" Asia from "oppressive and cruel white colonizers." However, as the time went by, people in "Asia" began to believe that they needed to be liberated from the "oppressive and cruel Japanese military occupation." Japan's self-image propaganda during World War II is very simiar with Bush's rhetoric, including the idea of "pre-emptive strike" (Japan had also believed that Pearl Harbor bombing was an act of national defense, not offense). It seems Bush Doctrine is propagating a justification of the US version- Pearl Harbor bombing.

(My response to a comment that everyone in the US must take a stand and support the War in Iraq)

I personally do not believe that it is a good idea to "unite" the
people's public opinion regarding the issue of the US Foreign Policy (notably the issue of the war). In the world of liberal democracy, diversities of political opinions must be available, and other viewpoints and perspectives should be tolerated. I understand that the uniformity of political viewpoint is more effective in making a "stronger" foreign policy, but I don't agree with this "Rousseau style" totalitarian behavior. However, if they support the totalitarian perspective to "unite" America and to support Bush's action, that's their opinions.


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